Guaranteed Search Engine Optimization

nerd frat guaranteeWe offer guaranteed search engine optimization because we KNOW we can deliver what we advertise. It really is that simple.

Here’s how it works:

1) We conduct market research on your business. Like the example mentioned here, this research is critical.

It’s also where other SEO companies try to scam their clients.

As a business owner, you need to be found on page one for keywords that potential customers are searching for.

It doesn’t matter if your site ranks #1 for the term “best lemonade salesmen in all of New York”  IF no one searches for that term.

Some SEO companies won’t tell you that no one is searching for a term, and will let you spend money trying to rank for it. Shameful.

Keyword research will also tell us if it’s even possible to rank for a keyword. For example, trying to rank for “best business in NYC’ is probably not a good idea since there are so many other competing websites trying to rank for that term. It would not be cost effective to try to rank for that term.

We’ll let you know what terms you can rank for, how many searches a month each term gets, and how long it should take to reach page one. We’ll do this all before any work is started or any payment is made.

nerd frat on page seo


2) We consult your on-page seo. While we do not change your personal website, we can advise you on things that will help you rank faster when combined with our efforts.

If your website cannot be changed, or simply will not rank for the terms we’ve mutually decided upon, we’ll tell you before we start work or any payment is made.


3) We agree upon what needs to change on your website, the keywords you would like to rank for and how long it will take you to get to page one for those terms, and we get to work.

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Our guaranteed search engine optimization is simple, effective, and rock solid.