How to fix a wp-admin blank page

If you have tried to log into your Word Press admin page and find just a blank page, we’ve found some solutions.

Step 1) Don’t freak out. It’s tempting, I know. And if you’re like me, you’ll read that and still be freaking out. But trust me, this is totally fixable. And I’m going to give you pictures to follow. EDIT: MORE THAN LIKELY STEP #5 WILL FIX YOUR PROBLEMS

Before you start anything, please back up your blog. You do not want to lose all your hard work. And we’re about to get into the guts of your website. So back it up. As in, now.

Step 2) Want to just get through the worst possible scenario and have it behind you? Let’s see if your WP installation has been hacked. (gulp)

In our case, the site was still live, but the admin page was totally blank. So go to your live site and ‘Right Click’ then ‘View Source’. A whole bunch of code will come up.

Before your header codes at the top of the document, look for any “iframe urls” listed. If you do not see anything, you might be ok. If you still think your site has been hacked, check out this thread.

Step 3) Let’s assume you are not seeing any long strings of random numbers and letters or “iframe urls”. Next, you will need to log into your control panel of your hosting. We’ll be dealing with your root files. If you see the ‘wp-content’ folder, you are in the right place.

(You can click the photo to make it bigger)

First go to your wp-config file and change your debug line from ‘FALSE’ to ‘TRUE’.  While you are there, you might as well increase your memory. I changed mine to 96M. (Lack of memory has also been known to cause the WordPress white screen of death) Now, refresh your wp-admin blank page. It will probably still be blank, with the exception that it will have some errors on it. This will help you figure out what the heck is going on.

Next, go to your root files and view the error logs. They will look similar to this:

(You can click the photo to make it bigger)

Notice all the ‘wp-config’ errors there? (Hint hint…) Alternatively, if the error log is giving you another .php file, (like wp-load.php) then open that file instead of the wp-config.php file and look for the error there. REMEMBER TO SET THIS BACK TO FALSE when you are done. Otherwise, the next time you update WordPress, you are going to get an error like: Notice: wp_enqueue_style was called incorrectly….

Step 4) Like i said at the beginning, the fix will probably be in the last step, but just in case, we have to make sure it isn’t something else first. SO go to your plugin file and rename it. Something like “pluginsDEAD”. This will disable all your plugins at once so you can check to see if the error is a plugin conflict.

Ok, now refresh your blank wp-admin page. Can you log in? No? Ok, one more thing to try.

Step 5) Go back to your ‘wp-config’ file.  All you need to do is make absolutely certain that there are no spaces in the beginning or end of your php file. The example shows what it SHOULD look like. If there is a space (as in a single press of the spacebar) anywhere there is an arrow, remove it.

(You can click the photo to make it bigger)

For example:

?> <?php is wrong

?><?php is correct

Yes, I know. One ridiculous space. But go ahead, refresh your admin page. Did it work?

And that my friends, is how to fix a wp-admin blank page.