Search Engine Optimization Pricing

Search engine optimization pricing can be a difficult thing to get a straight answer on. We give upfront pricing and guaranteed search engine optimization.

With a couple exceptions (mentioned below) we can get your website to Page 1 of Google for $250 per month.

If you need a website built, we can build a simple 4 page site for $1200.

*we only build websites if our clients also use our SEO services.

Here’s how our search engine optimization packages work:

Let’s say you have a business and need a website. If our search engine optimization pricing is within your marketing range, you’d give us a call and we’d discuss what you are trying to accomplish with your site and your potential customers.

We would then research all the possible keywords your customers may use to find you. If we can rank your website on page 1 for those keywords, we’ll proceed. If we cannot get you to page 1, we’ll let you know. No charge, no problem.

In other words, if you want to go after the term ‘watches’ we’re probably going to decline your business. It’s simply too difficult of a keyword to compete against companies like Amazon or Overstock. (See our tutorial on how to get a website on the first page of Google.)

Instead, let’s say you sell ‘watch straps’ and do not have a website yet. We would research your competition, see if there are better keywords that have more people searching for them, and then proceed to build you a website.

It is important to find a keyword that a lot of people are searching for.

For example, let’s say you are an air conditioning company. If you had us go after 1 keyword term, you would need to close only 1 small sale a month to cover your expenses with Nerd Frat. If we found you a keyword that had 30 people a month searching for it, chances are you would close more than just 1 sale a month. This would justify our expenses and these are the keywords we go after.  When our clients make money from our efforts, clients stay with us. This is the backbone of our business philosophy.

The next step is to make you a website.

Our websites are on-page search engine optimized so that when we begin sending thousands of links to it, you will begin to rank on page 1 very quickly.

If you already have a website, then it must be optimized for Google before we can begin.

This means:

– there is absolutely no flash on your website. Google can’t read Flash and Apple products can’t display it. Flash looks cool but isn’t so good for SEO. And who cares how cool a site looks if no one sees it?
– all permalinks should be search engine friendly and preferably have your keyword(s) in them
– HI, H2, and H3 tags should be used appropriately
– there is written content on each page, at least 600 words, that feature your keyword but do not over use it. Videos, music players, and photos are fine, but the Google Bot doesn’t read them very well yet.  So written words are best for telling Google what your site is about.
– there is proper site structure as well as inter-linking between pages

If you prefer, we can easily tell you for free if your site is properly optimized and if it isn’t, what you can do to make it so.

Then, once the website is complete, we start on our Google search engine optimization services. There isn’t anything fancy about it. We will send quality backlinks that relate to your site consistently, over time.

We prefer ethical search engine optimization.

You may have heard the terms ‘Black Hat’ and ‘White Hat’.  This is just a way of describing the techniques for search engine optimization. Black Hat is a way of linking to a site that may seem spammy now, or in the future. The good side to Black Hat is that you can achieve good rankings very quickly. The downside is that it may get your site de-indexed. Which means one day you will be on page one, and the next day, Google will no longer list you in their searches. Not even page 100. Nowhere.

Obviously, that is too risky for us. Our ethical search engine optimization is completely White Hat. The downside to this type of search engine optimization technique is that it takes more time and effort. Which makes it more expensive.  But the tradeoff is that you do not run the risk of losing all the work you have done by having it de-indexed by search engines.

So, here are the steps:

  • 1) keyword research
  • 2) we agree upon how long it will take to build and get the site to page 1 for the keywords you would like to use
  • 3) the site is built and on-page optimized
  • 4) we work monthly on backlinking from white hat, similar sites
  • 5) we’ll get your site to page 1 in the agreed upon time or you don’t pay again until we do.

The search engine optimization pricing for us to build the site and optimize for 1 keyword would be an ongoing cost of $350. (After 12 months the price would be reduced to $250 per month.)

$1200 for the site paid over the course of 12 months and a monthly cost of $250.

If our search engine optimization pricing packages are in your budget, please call us or send us an email today.