Woman Quits Job in GoDaddy 2014 Super Bowl Commercial


In this year’s 2014 Godaddy Super Bowl commercial, John Turturro walks through a woman’s home to announce how she quit her job and began her very own online business. Now what?

As an entrepreneur, I love this. I can’t help myself from constantly telling friends and loved one’s “Seriously, start your own online business!” I’m sure it has gotten annoying. But my biz partner and I are constantly remarking about how we love working for ourselves. Make no mistake, it’s not all unicorns and moonbeams. Many many times it has been WAY more work than a normal job. It’s been scary and frustrating too. Clients sometimes just don’t pay or Google will change the rules of the game and we get to figure things out all over again. We’re on the edge, it’s us and the market for our services. There is no manager to report to who reports to someone else and so on and then receives orders from corporate who passes those orders back on down the ladder. When you work for yourself, the market will show you what you want and either you respond correctly or go out of business. It’s not like we receive an email saying “Hey guys, we like x but could you please do y better?” Nope. Folks either buy or they don’t. And you adjust your prices, or your terms, or your products accordingly until enough people buy for the business to make a profit, but not too the point to where you can’t keep up. It’s a delicate dance that is either scary or exhilarating.

Which brings me to the point of this page; what happens to the woman AFTER she quits her job and buys a domain with GoDaddy?

Look, I want her, my friends and family, and you dear reader to quit your job and start your own business. And I want you to do it online. (more on that in a minute) But good gracious, PLEASE have a bit of a game plan. Do NOT quit your job and buy a domain and make puppets and then hope you’ll make money. Because it won’t happen. GoDaddy only had 30 seconds (and 4 million) so they can’t go into what I’m going to tell you; if you don’t know how you are going to get customers, the cleverest domain name on the planet isn’t going to do it for you. No matter how awesome your puppet skills are. But lets say you were so incredibly inspired by the GoDaddy Super Bowl commercial, and so despondent from the thought of showing up to work tomorrow, that you just bought a domain name and emailed your resignation. Now you’re imagining how nice it will be to sell your talents online while also fighting the images of losing your shirt. Don’t fear (and yes I’m going to sell you a little bit here) you can do this. You can legitimately make money with your business online without becoming a multi-level marketer or resorting to domain flipping and without spending the rest of your savings on the latest ‘how to make money online’ courses. Having an online business is the BEST way to start your business because your overhead is next to nothing. There has never been another time in history where you do not have to worry about the overhead of traditional brick and mortar businesses. City permits, location rent, electricity for your air conditioning, security for when you are closed, restrooms for customers only. No fun. But, you do still need to get your service or product in front of customers. Location still matters. So if you already have your domain and business and have quit your day job, don’t despair. But DO figure out what your customers are searching for that is similar to what you are offering. If you are selling puppets like the woman in the Godaddy Super Bowl commercial, your website will not rank for the word ‘Puppets’. Not only does this term have many many other websites competing for it, but your website isn’t just about puppets. Your website is for people looking to BUY puppets. Maybe you specialize in only animal puppets. Therefor, your keyword term should be something along the lines of ‘animal puppets for sale”. This keyword term is your lifeline, and should be researched until you are absolutely SURE that a) people are searching for this term and b) you can get on the first page of Google with it. There is a little bit of an art and a little bit of a science to it. And either it is done 100% right or it is wrong. Which can be intimidating, but trust me, it isn’t near as much work as having a brick and mortar location. Of course there are companies that can help you get your site to the first page of Google (like, ehem, us.) but you can also do a lot of work yourself. We outline a lot of that here.

Regardless if you are the DIY type or have a small marketing budget, I say go for it. Start your online business. Just do it right.

Have a plan and become the next Gwen Dean from the Godaddy Super Bowl commercial, instead of someone who quit their job to buy a domain.